A tale spanning not only across time, but across the dimensions.


Here you can find little snippits about the dolls that will feature in these stories and tales.
This is incomplete, as there are still faces missing that are crucial to the telling.


Stormy Rose
Fairyland Minifee Shushu
Birth name: Nicole
Role: Muse
Bio: Stormy is a mostly happy girl. She adores kids and would happily take on and adopt all the adorable children and love them in ways that she feels they deserve. She is helpful to a fault, and her attempts at helping others can be seen as insulting. Her end came along as she attempted to help a kid at her school who was being bullied, where she received a mislaid hit and died before she hit the pavement.
She would also prefer it if you never called her Nicole. Ever.

Iplehouse JID Colin
Birth name: Lucas
Role: Gardening Sprite
Bio: Lucas has a green thumb that has come to him in the form of magic. His beliefs of the Holy Lord was one of the reasons he feared his own abilities: his end came due to being accused of witchcraft and (ironically) was decreed human after dying during a Witch Trial.
He holds no grudge to those who were involved in his death, and still believes in his Holy Lord. Lucas strictly believes that he gave no man or woman anything that they could not handle and made them all in the image that he wished - gay, straight, trans or magical. He's still cautious of his abilities but accepts them as part of himself. Rather than praying for his own salvation, he prays for the salvation of others: their salvation being their true happiness and being happy with what and who they are.
He is also very sweet on Stormy and enjoys her educations of modern culture.

Fairyland Pukifee Bonnie
Birth name: Unknown
Role: Thief/Lockpick
Bio: Growing up on the streets, Sparrow missed out on the education that everyone around him had. He struggles to read, barely writes and his speaking skills are low at best. He does know a couple of languages in street tongue and delights in confusing people with them. He is surprised that he has never had anything stolen from him. Ever.
He does not remember his parents or family, because he was made Street when he was very young. What "family" he had were those close friends that he respected above almost everything else. Sparrow would give his life or limb for his "family".
All humans of his realm gain wings and as soon as they can sustain flight are classified as grown. He cannot sustain flight with his wings, but they give him the ability to jump higher and soften his fall to the ground.
The feathers in his hair are tributes to fallen friends - by having a piece of them with him, they will never be forgotten and may fly again one day.
Being a street kid, he learned thievery early and did his best to please his group leader without harming anyone who is in a similar position to himself. His end came when he refused to steal an item of high desire to his leader, because that item was the last memory its owner had of their family and Sparrow refused to take that away from them.

Fairyland Littlefee Rolly (Red Riding Hood)
Birth name: Eloise
Role: Baby/Sweet Innocence
Bio: Eloise is the adorable sweetheart of the family. She absolutely loves hugs and cute things and making new friends (like every child does). Stormy met Eloise and immediately demanded to adopt her as her sister. Ely adores Stormy and calls her "sissy" because that's what she is - a lovely, pretty Sissy just for her.
Eloise doesn't like violence, or swearing in its many forms. She also has good manners and glares at anyone who doesn't excuse themselves after burping. She generally covers her ears or hides when there is violence on TV, and doesn't really like it.
Her life wasn't always the happiest: her end came when her mother was unable to defend her from her father. She doesn't remember anything else other than that: either due to supressing her memories (who could blame her) or genuinely not having any memory of that final moment. Either way, it has led her to being a very happy little girl who just wants to hug all the people and pet all the animals. Even if those animals are dragons (though they have to be friendly dragons, because the mean dragons aren't easy to approach)


Neo AngelRegion Little Gienie Risi
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Fairy
Role: Mischief Maker
Bio: Clover is still young in the age of the fairies, so doesn't have a lot of respect back home. To her, home is not something she thinks about. Whether this is due to her not remembering, or not wanting to remember is something still to be seen. She is very spoilt and runs on the "Tinkerbell Principle" (she is so small, that she can only process one emotion at a time), and is very possessive about Dillian. She regularly throws tantrums when someone steps into what she believes is her place in Dillian's life. But once she accepts someone, she will sit on their head so she is in the highest position in the room.

Shelbelly Mach 1 Boy (Purple resin)
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Basilisk
Role: Guardian
Bio: Dillian was asked by Clover's parents to keep her safe and teach her how to be a good fairy before they were sent across the divide. For Dillian, this was a task he attempts to take seriously. Except for Clover's unwillingness to learn.
However, if asked, Dillian will teach anyone anything they wish to know and will protect the young to the pain of his death. Not that he ever wants that to happen, of course.
His diet consists of mineral substances (eg. granite, silica and/or gemstones), but he can consume the same foods that exist in the human diet. If he had to pick a human food, he prefers it to be as natural as possible.
Because he is a basilisk, he is always a bit nervous when it comes to meeting new people because the reputation of his species precedes him. He doesn't turn people to stone with a look from his eye, so nobody has to worry about that.

ResinSoul/Bobobie Mei
Birth name: Minu Resoul
Creature: Elemental/Elf
Role: Trader
Bio: From a far off land, Minu travels around collecting herbs, plants, gemstones, powders and other pieces of Nature's mystics to sell to potion makers and the like. Her spiritual connection is connected deeply with growing things, like plants, fungi and trees. A curious but gentle creature, Minu speaks of herself in the third person and has a different, if not positive outlook into life that can seem a little fluffy to those not acquainted with her.
She is Dillian's sweetheart and they gift each other with presents and smiles. Dillian helps to source things from our realm, and she collects small stones as treats for him.

Dollzone Moon
Birth name: Something unpronounceable in the common tongue.
Creature: East Asian spiritual dragon
Role: Unknown
Bio: Silvia looks rather young, but is older than she appears to be. She is a fountain of knowledge (which she always wants to expand), but that doesn't always translate well into the real world. She also has a bad habit of taking everything she learns as 80%+ truth unless it is proven otherwise (so she really believes things like, there's a town in California that contains a gigantic hole known as the "Hellmouth")
Silvia can speak many of the draconian languages and is probably the only one who can completely understand Oberron.

Fairyland LittleFee Ante Elf (to be ordered)
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Elf
Role: Secret Keeper
Bio: Very quiet and timid, and mute. She doesn't talk to anyone and communicates through facial expressions and gestures. She takes the view that with so many people talking, there needs to be one person out there who listens. When she listens, all the things she hears are kept locked up in her locket, around her neck.

Impl-doll Aimee
Birth name: Katherine
Creature: Were
Role: Unknown
Bio: Kitty is a little were-creature with a cheeky streak a mile long. She loves keys and causing mischief with them (when she can get them).
She gets along with Eloise rather well, except for when she's feeling ferocious - she can attack with the force of a Siamese cat and can cause just as much damage. Kitty just prefers attacking things that don't screech back. Mind, it doesn't stop her from chasing Oberron when he's irritated her a little too much.

Dollsoom MD Taco (human head)
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Dragon
Role: Unknown
Bio: Oberron is a baby in all dragon terms - he doesn't speak anything but a dragon's baby language (that consists of chirps and squeaks) and only understands draconian tongues and runes. He is very curious and has a stomach that is comparable to iron: there are very few things that make him ill once he sticks them in his mouth.
He, like all dragons, loves his shinies and has started collecting his already. He plays with his gemstones like a child does their toys and he even has favourites.
Like any youngster, Oberron has yet to learn right from wrong, which doesn't help with his curiosity. This can get him into trouble very fast. When he knows he's in trouble and gets punished for it, he gets very upset and will climb up the nearest bigger person (usually Lucas) and weasel his way into getting long-lasting hugs and snuggles.
His end is unknown, but what is known is that he dislikes small spaces that have locks. His travel pouch or travelling in a carry bag like his (new) family is alright, but being left alone in something like a glove box frightens him.


Latiworld Miel
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Will-o-Wisp
Role: Unknown
Bio: Min doesn't speak - her verbalisations are soft, light-pitched haunting noises that often leave a lot for interpretation.
She doesn't know who she was or why she's still here, but she knows she's searching for something she has lost. What that something is, Min doesn't know - all she knows is there's something out there that she's searching for and she'll know it when she finds it.
Min is of a classification of wisps that are well-intentioned. She doesn't want harm to come to others and will often try to lead them down the right path. Sometimes, her plans don't go through and she'll sit around her mistake (be it getting someone more lost or inadvertently leading someone to their planned demise) and weep quietly.
Stormy was the one who named Min, after the Min-Min lights of Eastern Australia.

Fairyland Pukipuki Pong
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Spirit of Light (debated)
Role: Happiness
Bio: Lux is a very happy, very mischievous little creature whose nature leads zir to do things in attempts (sometimes) to make others happy. More often than not, those actions confuse everyone before making them happy, but zi has no care otherwise. Everything makes Lux happy~
Lux is gender neutral (as are most spirits) but doesn't mind if people slip into gendered terms. So long as you mix it up a little, or zi gets rather cross. Nobody has seen Lux cross, so it is unknown what zi does to those who have displeased zim. Perhaps, something involving sugar and people's eternal souls?
Lux communicates in single-word sentences; of which, most end in cheerful cackles. Zi loves the colours of orange and yellow, and has a little wardrobe where these colours are the dominant feature.

DollLeaves Jax
Birth name: Unknown
Creature: Rabbit
Role: Memento Mori
Bio: Van is an adventurous bunny. He loves exploring and climbing things, but doesn't always succeed in getting up where he planned.
Like most rabbits, he does not tolerate tail or ear pulling - of which, Clover learned the hard way.
He is a caring fellow, who loves carrots and ear scratches and comedy programming. And the occasional hug from Eloise, who thinks he's the cutest little bunny since....that bunny boy from the last meet up.
He understands the common tongue very well, but cannot read, speak or write. His favourite viewpoint and resting spot is up on a cabinet, next to a photo of his namesake. He doesn't share the same sense of humour as his namesake but respects the man all the same.

Luts TinyDelf Gerda (unicorn centaur)
Birth name: Autumn
Creature: Centaur
Role: Unknown
Bio: Autumn is currently the newest of the mob, and still hasn't quite found her place.
She is rather shy and startles easily at sudden noises - which isn't a good thing with being in the same residence as three cats and Lux!
Thankfully, Sparrow has taken her under his wing (pun not intended) and has been keeping her company while she adjusts to the new surroundings.

T'morra & Y'str
Fairyland Pukifee Mio & Luna (to be ordered)
Birth names: Unknown
Creatures: Spirits of the Future & the Past
Role: Unknown
Bio: These twins are never seen apart, and often switch visible forms for their own desires. While gender neutral, T'morra takes on a more feminine form and Y'str; more masculine.
Their interest is in the Human Race - creatures unlike any other: whose lives work in the realm of the future from actions of the past and yet, seem to exist in the nano-second between the two.
While they don't speak (their communications exist primarily between each other through unknown methods), they are curious and are attracted to the oddest of things (that we perceive as normal).